About Prem Illam


Prem Illam is a home for the mentally & physically challenged and less fortunate children. Since it is away from the city, it offers a peaceful and eco-friendly environment for them.

PremIllam is an unit of Prem Charitable Trust Act, Registration No.419/1999, it is a charitable organisation.

The Inception

PremaVasam is our mother home, it offers humanitarian services to mentally & physically challenged and less fortunate children in Chennai since 1999. The number of children have been increasing in this limited space drastically. After seeing our good service we are given a piece of land by the government to extend the same qualitative service to children of these sort in and around Madurantakam.

PremIllam is situated in Sirunallur Village, MadurantakamTaluk, towards Southwards nearly 75km away from Chennai.

Offer all the necessary care in order to make them independent and contributive.

To make them to realise that they are special and unique, in no way they are lesser than others.

PremIllam strives to train these special needs children with care and love so that they serve others, not to be served.

Health Check-up